Winter Camp 2015 at Gilwell Park

Less than 2 weeks into 2015 and the Scouts from 2nd Southampton have already been on camp. We braved the wind, rain and cold for a truly unforgettable camp at Gilwell Park. Joined by over 3000 young people from around the UK we took part in a range of activities including Mini-tank driving, quad biking, zorbing, high ropes and rock climbing.

Winter Camp 2015

Raft Race Champions

In a thrilling series of races consisting of collisions, over taking and neck-and-neck finishes our team of Scouts gave it their all and sailed to victory at the annual Southampton District Raft Race.

Did we have the best raft? Well, it survived 6 races. The ‘Britannic’ served us well.
Were our square-lashing the strongest after weeks of practice? Absolutely.
Were our home-made paddles the best in the world? Of course!
Did the Jelly Babies and Cadbury’s Fingers give us the extra boost we needed in the final? It was either that or all the cheering (and dog barking) from from our supporters on the riverside.

Our victory is shared between the winning team, our other scouts who hand build the paddles and everyone who came along to support on the day cheering ‘2nd to none’ for today we trulySouthampton Scouts Race Race 2014 Woodmill are.


Scout Community Week 2014

Today our leaders and Scouts lent a hand at Wordsworth Primary School celebration day. Big congratulations to our neighbours for being a Primary School for a whole year.

We ran a badge making stall, played giant Jenga, and showed others how to pitch a tent. It was a fab afternoon, and the rain held off right until the last minute.

A big thank you to the Wordsworth School PTA who put on such an awesome day and made us feel so welcome.